Typical Cases
-Counsel for either landlords or tenants in various environmental contamination matters
-Coordinated environmental due diligence for various REIT's acquiring multiple properties in several states
-Litigation counsel for oil industry defendant in complex groundwater contamination litigation

-Coordinated environmental due diligence for acquisition of manufacturing facilities in multiple foreign and domestic jurisdictions

-Providing ongoing contract review for national waste handling firm

-Litigation counsel defending federal and state cost recovery actions

-Testified three times in Illinois rulemaking setting future soil and groundwater cleanup standards and procedures
-Testified twice in the ongoing Illinois rulemaking to set vapor intrusion risk standards

-Coordinated environmental due diligence for three party swap of United States and foreign interests in nuclear fuel processing facilities

-Litigation counsel in various toxic tort actions based on groundwater and soil contamination and exposure to mold and other hazardous substances

-Litigation counsel defending various class actions alleging personal injury and property damage from landfill operations
-Litigation counsel in a 2800 plaintiff toxic tort case alleging exposure to gas from landfill waste decomposition

-Litigation counsel for numerous policyholders seeking insurance coverage for environmental claims

-Mediated several complex, multi-party groundwater contamination disputes using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

-Coordinated anticipatory due diligence to lay the ground work for a multi-billion dollar paper industry divestiture

Typical Clients
Rockwell Automation, Inc.
BP America, Inc. 
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Pactiv Corporation
telent, Inc.
Carylon Corporation
Real Estate Developers
Metal recycling companies
Packaging Companies
Banks and Financiers
Petroleum Industry Entities